Saturday, July 11, 2015

Ode to the Card Catalog

Oh, wooden home to index cards
Standing strong like sentry guards.

Nine spaces for the first indent,
How many hours have I spent?

Not just one card; at least two more.
So many subjects! What a chore!

The typewriter is skipping “e’s”
Despite the fact there’s all new keys.

And then the card slips just a bit;
I move it up and make it fit.

I grab the “white out” on my desk
And try to cover up the mess.

Ant then the “stick thing” in the drawer
Gets stuck when pulling through the door.

I wonder how I’ll make it through
With each and every book that’s new?

Perhaps one day I’ll reminisce
On all these hours I have spent.

But as for now I soldier through
Creating cards for all that’s new.

From Must Be Nice! Poems Only School Librarians Will Understand

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