Monday, November 9, 2015

"Library" My School

Lots of folks will style their ride
Or “Pinterest” their house,
They’ll even look to Facebook
For ways to change their spouse.

But a school need look no further
Than a place within its walls,
To bolster school-wide culture
For those who walk its halls.

The Library Media Center
Can be the model for all schools
Of how to innovate
And break tradition rules.

What happens in the library
Can replicate school-wide,
From up-to-date tech tools
To a facilitator guide.

Inquiry-based instruction
That gives students lots of choice
And multiple ways of sharing
So that all can have a voice.

Print and digital resources
For project-based research
And a teacher guiding students
As they collaborate and search.

Small groups, large groups,
And time for working alone,
Makerspace and art supplies
And a creativity zone.

Of course the media center
Will be the main learning hub --
Research, reading, meeting,
Staff and student led book club.

And the information specialist
Will manage the library center
And guide the teaching staff
As a techno-savvy mentor.

So, “library” your school
And make learning come alive,
Because in great media centers