Friday, July 10, 2015


I made a space for Makerspace
But think I might be way off base.

I don’t have tech; I don’t have toys;
I don’t have things aimed at boys.

I do have art supplies and crafts
And squiggly eyes just for laughs.

I added glue and tape and beads
And other stuff that kids might need.

I found some Legos™ at a sale
And dumped them all into a pail.

An old computer for its parts
Even though it will not start.

Some batteries and light bulbs, too,
All kinds of things to “go and do.”

Well, maybe I’m not so off base,
I see big smiles on each kid’s face.

I started with just what I had
And now I am so very glad.

Hands-on, minds-on, all four “C’s” --
It’s Makerspace . . . come and see!

From Must Be Nice! Poems Only School Librarians Will Understand

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