Saturday, September 26, 2015

Must Be Nice!

I provide the teachers’ planning time,
I sub when there’s a need,
I cover recess duty –
Always working at top speed.

So when another teacher,
Or a parent or a kid,
Says, “Must be nice to read all day!”
I really flip my lid.

Not only do I manage
A large facility,
I teach the kids and lead the staff
In after school PD.

I order all the resources
And shelve and weed them, too.
(After they’ve been processed
And catalogued when new).

I also use my time
To analyze and plan
To ensure the school curriculum
Is supported best I can.

Yes, I also read,
But usually that’s at night,
Since all day long I work
To make your future bright.

Join me in my calling,
Be a library teacher, too,
Then you will know the joy and sweat

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