Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Book Donations?

“Can you take these books?”
A teacher asked of me.
“They’re old and worn and dirty;
Here you go, they’re free!”

I thought of my response
And carefully framed my words:
“If you don’t think they’re good,
Why would I? That’s absurd?”

“I’m not a museum tour guide.
This is not an ancient store.
I provide the best
So kids read even more!”

“Why not take your books
(all tattered, torn and old)
And recycle them so others
Won’t have to smell their mold?”

Of course those words were stifled,
I could never actually say
The common sense response
In any tactful way.

Instead I smiled and thanked her
And when she turned to go,
I sighed and made a note,
“Next time, just say ‘No!'"

From Must Be Nice! Poems Only School Librarians Will Understand

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